A zine made in the early hours of Tuesday 6th August 2019, and released towards the end of that day (in British Summer Time). It's viewable on this itch.io page, and with a downloadable .CBR  (Comic Book RAR file) copy. To read the online version, first click "Run book" above to allow the HTML5 stuff to be activated and loaded. To turn the page, hover your mouse cursor over the top right corner of any right-hand-side page and left click (or just click on a Mac). To turn back a page, do the same on a left-hand-side page.

This is currently not mobile friendly - I'm going to try and fix this soon.

Made using the Electric Zine Maker:

...and the EZM itch.io tool add-on:

Install instructions

The .CBR file is to be viewed via a Comic Book Reader program or app, of which many different ones are available for just about every modern OS. Alternatively, if you can unpack RAR files, rename the file's extension to .RAR to unzip all the images (which are numbered in order).


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