A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You know it's out there somewhere - but searching Ebay and Amazon has proved fruitless. A children's VHS tape you saw at your grandmother's house at the age of 6, just a few times before she died. There are some scans of the cover floating around the net, but a rip of the tape itself hasn't turned up on Youtube or on any torrents. However, you have just found something very interesting during an unrelated Google search...

Created using Inform 7

With thanks to Mars Cat, Matthew Harris, and David Guy for playtesting

VHS tape CG model used in cover art created by TrekkieGrrrl and mrvet @ sharecg.com

Install instructions

Unpack contents of zip to where you want, and then  double click the “play.html” file to open it up and begin the game in your default browser. You will need to temporarily allow javascript for it to function.

Alternatively, the .zblorb file in the game folder can be used in a program called an “interpreter” which is designed to run interactive fiction. Examples include Windows Frotz and Zoom for Mac OS X.


NSLOR R6.zip (1 MB)

Development log

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