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Five "classic" examples of software art / games from Chriddof, made in GameMaker years ago and now re-compiled in GameMaker Studio for Windows 10 machines (with the notable exception of "Bloody Bugger", the source code of which has disappeared Thanks to M Janet Mars and Gato D, we now have a Windows 10 rebuild!). Here's a rundown:

AVOID THE BASTARDS: Faux-ZX Spectrum game, of the like you'd see on the Cascade 50, only a bit better and more responsive than that. (I'm not sure if I managed to get the correct fonts working in this rebuild. Someone inform me if you get the ZX Spectrum font and it looks okay - I'm @Chriddof on Twitter.)

BLOODY BUGGER: The stupidest platform game ever made, quite possibly! One button for both left AND right, which you continually press to toggle between. The sad thing is that this is the one with the most effort put into it. It has a pause function and everything.

COLLAGE MAKER: Screensaver type thing, using public domain clip art. Inspired by a vastly superior attempt at the same thing by Steve Tiffany (http://www.stevetiffany.com/art.html).

MOZSPIN: The very first iteration of my HTML5 app-thing "Small Talk", also available here on itch. The biggest difference is that there's a massive cut out of Morrissey's head constantly revolving above the text, hence the name. Oh, and some funny mp3s courtesy of WFMU's old blog are playing in the background.

POOGUY: Another screensaver-esque thing, and quite a juvenile one at that. A dopey critter floats through the sky, casually excreting onto the unseen world below. Usually it's one at a time, sometimes it'll be a twin load. Nothing affects Pooguy. Pooguy just is.

Version history:

1.1 - Proper build of "Bloody Bugger" instead of the janky Windows XP version
1.0 - Initial release

More information

Published45 days ago
Tagsart, collage, compilation, gamemaker-studio, Platformer, pointless
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

The Chriddof 5-Pack is Windows only. Unzip the zip file to somewhere suitable and run everything from there.


The Chriddof 5-Pack.zip (21 MB)

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