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The Chriddof Multipack collects together 11 pieces of software (plus two bonuses) by Chriddof, creator of Funny Horsie and all those deliberately glitchy CGI videos. It is mostly for Windows, though there is some stuff here for older machines that needs to be run in emulation. This is what you get:

AVOID THE BASTARDS: A fake ZX Spectrum game made in Game Maker. Avoid touching the robotic bastards until their energy runs out. Includes an actual ZX Spectrum version!
BLATHER: Originally known as "Small Talk", this is a program that continually creates and displays nonsensical phrases until it is terminated. Includes an earlier DOS version.
BLOODY BUGGER: A ridiculous attempt at a platform game. One key is used for both left and right. How does that work? You can find out if you play it...
CHRIDDOF'S DATING SIM: A joke program written in Sinclair Basic for the ZX Spectrum.
COLLAGE MAKER: Displays endless auto-generated surrealist collages using public domain clip art.
DOS AGGRESSION: A suite of three DOS programs to express user frustration and your computer's contempt for you.
MOZSPIN: An early iteration of Blather, with the addition of an indie music icon and audio of a barbershop quartet.
POOGUY: The trademark Chriddof tic of juvenile toilet humour is displayed here. Sort of a screensaver.
PRIVATE BENJAMIN IS SAD: An abstract Twine game inspired by the commercial break caption used by Thames Television for UK broadcasts of the Goldie Hawn film "Private Benjamin". Comes with box art!

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Published 188 days ago

Install instructions

Some of the software here requires the use of emulators to run. Specifically, you will need DOSBox (an SVN build is recommended) and some sort of ZX Sinclair Spectrum emulator.


The Chriddof Multipack v1.zip (118 MB)

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